Anti-Abortion Protestors to Display Graphic Imagery at N11 Entrance to UCD

On the morning of Thursday February 15th, volunteers from the Irish Centre of Bioethical Reform (ICBR) will be displaying "abortion victim photography" beside the bus stop at the N11 entrance to UCD. Speaking to the University Observer, the group said they hope their "educational display" will "educate [people] that abortion is a form of child abuse."When asked about the photography that will be displayed, the University Observer was directed to the ICBR website, where images that the group uses can be viewed. According to the website graphic imagery is used because "Images of what abortion does to the unborn speak for themselves. We don't need to protest abortion. We hold up the images of abortions victims and abortion protests itself. We understand that seeing images of what abortion looks like is extremely distressing but feeling distressed about it is an appropriate response."During the display, "warning signs will be placed as a courtesy to individuals entering the area."The group have chosen UCD "because we are doing displays at all the main universities around Dublin. We want as many students as possible to be given the opportunity to engage with the reality of abortion." At present, no UCD students are formerly involved with the group, but the ICBR say interested students would be "more than welcome to work with us if they meet the terms of our volunteer agreement."UCDSU are aware that the display will be happening. In a statement, Welfare Officer Eoghan Mac Domhnaill said the union would have "serious concerns given the graphic nature of this proposed display and would advise any student who may find such images distressing to avoid the N11 entry. Should any student feel affected by their presence they can contact myself on"