Anti-Abortion Flyers Handed out at UCD Entrance

People were seen handing out anti-choice flyers at the main entrance to UCD this morning. They had left by 9.30am.Sophie Gibbins encountered men handing out these flyers and approached them. One of these men told her, “if we go down the road of killing babies we won’t have enough people for the workforce.”Emily Murray, who also witnessed these men giving out flyers, told the University Observer that they had said that they wanted more jobs, not abortions.Both said that their interactions were short. The University Observer has seen a copy of the leaflet. The leaflet contains the following points:People need employment, not the killing of unborn babies.The definition of abortion: The intentional killing of another human being.No to a second tax on our God given water, via water charges.Vigorously oppose Fine Gael allowing Dublin Bus or any private company taking away O.A.P.’s Free Bus Pass.Ireland’s last three Presidents were rooted in anti Christian Marxist PC drivel. The people of Ireland and those visiting our country deserve better.Promote our Gaelic Games and make the League of Ireland an ‘outstanding’ league.People deserve Truth not Labours’ & PBP ‘Communist’ Political Correct bu..s..t.FREE SPEECH IS GONE 15 YEARS. RECLAIM IT. NO MORE PC.