All You Need to Know About the International Gay Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA)

Travel editor Colleen McShane provides an informational guide on the International Gay Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA)

Founded in 1983 by a group of twenty-five travel agents and hotel owners, the International Gay Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) is a travel company that promotes equality, diversity, and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism. The association also provides no shortage of informational resources to both queer travel lovers and holiday makers via their website at and their newsletter. 

Beyond both accessibility and intrigue, the IGLTA website is also filled with beneficial resources for the LGBTQ+ community to divulge in. From country-specific travel guides to queer-safe accommodation recommendations, the IGLTA website provides insights into the many concerns that may arise for queer tourists planning their next journey. The most impactful aspect of the website is the ‘LGBTQ+ Travel Safety’ segment which features an extensive outline by Meg Ten Eyck, an LGBTQ+ travel enthusiast and queer journalist. In the segment, she provides guidance and awareness to queer travel difficulties ranging from conscious destination selection to finding queer-safe travel companions. Travel connoisseurs within the LGBTQ+ community can sign up to their twice-monthly newsletter via the website and access a more extensive insight into upcoming trips, accessible planning tools, and the latest LGBTQ+ travel news. 

As of 2016, the IGLTA’s business locations span from approximately eighty different countries around the globe, providing and promoting wide-spread and diverse travel opportunities for the community through their own general and associate business members. These business members include airlines, accommodation companies, theaters, and universities. The influence of business members, both general and associate, further allows the IGLTA to promote their core aims of global outreach, cross-cultural influence, and the importance of expansion within LGBTQ+ tourism. 

As of February 2024, the IGLTA hosts a variety of daily tours planned which features exciting locations ranging from Malta, Buenos Aires, to Iguaza for the perfect LGBTQ+-friendly vacation.