All re-running candidates win in UCDSU By-election

All re-running candidates were deemed elected on the first count. Several College officers, the Graduate officer, and the Irish language officer were also elected, and a referendum was defeated on the number of signatures required to run for College officer positions.

The UCDSU By-election, held on the 20th and 21st of April, saw a new sabbatical team elected on the second try after four out of six elections were won by reopen nominations (RON) on the first attempt on April 1st.

Molly Greenough, the SU’s sitting welfare officer, won the race for President on the first count with 1300 votes against RON with 266. 

Míde Nic Fhionnlaoich is now the incoming Welfare officer, beating out Darragh Kane O’Toole on the first count with 1012 to 441. RON received 101 first preference votes. 

Robyn O’Keeffe beat Eoin Fagan with 1226 of the vote to 279, on the first count, in the race for Campaigns & Engagement officer. RON received 75 votes.

In the race for Events officer, Ciara Moroney beat Josh Kerr Hanratty with 1083 votes to 387 on the first count. RON received 100 first preference votes.

Marc Matouc won the most heavily contested sabbatical race, that for Graduate Officer, beating Matt Amenda on the third count by 296 to 174. RON was eliminated on the first count with 27 votes and Amit Wasnik was rejected on the second count with 117 votes. 

They join Marta Ní Riada who was elected Education Officer at the executive election. 

Other Races

Caillum Hedderman and Róisín Alff have been elected Arts and Humanities College Officer ahead of Rachel Toal. Hedderman was elected on the first count with 183 votes while Alff was elected on the second count with 144 votes. Toal came third with 92. Hedderman was unavailable to make a speech at the count centre as he was busy ‘having a pint with the King of Sweden’, according to incoming President Greenough. 

Hannah Tilly won the race for Ag & Vet College Officer on the first count, beating RON with 90 votes to 7. 

Sarah McGrath won the race for Health Science College Officer, beating Rhys Scully with 95 votes to 93. 

Shane Mac Amhlaoibh has been elected Irish Language Officer on the first count with 1394 votes to RON’s 161. 

The referendum on decreasing the number of signatures required to run for college officer positions received 1355 votes for and 220 against. However, a constitutional referendum requires at least 12.5% of the student body to vote in order to be binding so the results are considered null and void.