Artist: Nina Nesbitt
Artist: Peroxide

After only 19 years on this planet, Scottish songstress Nina Nesbitt has developed quite the back catalogue with five EPs already under her belt. Her latest release, Peroxide, is her first full length album and, quite frankly, it may have been best to stick to the short circuit EPs as opposed to the lengthened piece she’s created.

The album kicks off with the title track; a bouncy tune with an overly accessible mundane melody. It also sets the tone for the album, namely that Ms. Nesbitt has serious boyfriend issues. Almost every track on this album is an ode to lost love of some sort or rage at being left behind.

The album continues in this rather vapid, glossy vein for eight of its 13 tracks, making it quite the slog. Each track is laden with the same pop sensibilities, leaving hardly any room for Nesbitt’s character to shine through. Her voice is frustratingly restrained, stifling the record in full.

‘Tough Luck’ gets things back on track, with a solid musical composition and some of the strongest vocals on display, though the theme of heartbreak persists. Album highlight ‘Hold You’ comes only two tracks from the end and says a lot about the album. This is the only collaboration on the album, with Kodaline stepping up to give the track some much needed emotional weight.

In A Nutshell: Cheer up and get a new producer. The talent is there, but the attempt at pop stardom is hollow.

Michael O’Sullivan