Artist: Yngve & The Innocent

Title: Draw a Line

Rating: 4/5

Draw a Line is the second EP to come from Irish-raised, London-based Yngve and the Innocent. At only two tracks, it’s a brief-yet-rewarding listen that promises much for this young band’s future.

The opening bars of ‘Draw a Line’ recall Jack Savoretti and Damien Rice, but once the saloon-inspired piano line and vocals are introduced, it’s Johnny Cash that comes to mind. The harmonies that infiltrate the chorus are nothing short of angelic – akin to June Carter accompanying Yngve’s Johnny.

Of the two songs, it’s not the mellow and slightly more upbeat title track, but the darker ‘Changing Tracks’ that stands out. With angst-ridden lyrics, and Ned Cartwright’s persistent piano echoing the vocals, it’s a truly spectacular piece.

Hopefully it won’t be long before they finally release their first album because, with an EP like this, it’s definitely something to be anticipated.

In a Nutshell: Super awesome.

– Katie Hughes