Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

Artist: Bombay Bicycle ClubAlbum: So Long, See You TomorrowProlific, endearing and sickeningly youthful are just a handful of adjectives to describe London band Bombay Bicycle Club. Since early 2009 this cosy quartet of school friends have been churning out album upon album, each packed with emotions ranging from teenage frustration to euphoric evasion.Their fourth instalment, So Long, See You Tomorrow, tastes of exotic flavours that reignite your senses, yet leaves an after taste of the Bombay you know and love. Bespectacled, falsetto-inclined lead vocalist Jack Steadman delved into new territories in Turkey and India to cook up their most exciting project to date.Opening song ‘Overdone’ is a perfect welcome mat to this ten-track album, dripping of South Asian string and snarling vocals. You almost feel you’ve walked in on something you shouldn’t have. However, it’s not long before the tipping guitar pulls you further in for Steadman to question “Was it enough, when we were first in love to plant the seed and just leave?”Female vocals are heard throughout the album too, offering the perfect side dish for this already gluttonous musical feast. While debut single ‘Carry Me’ set a slightly more aggressive tone, follow ups ‘It’s Alright Now’ and ‘Luna’ were the softened peace keepers.Yet the real magic lies in track ‘Whenever Wherever’ as it’s not long before one can see themselves atop that festival crowd creating those summer sentiments we all associate with these four.In A Nutshell: May need a second listen to grasp its beauty, but unmistakenly exciting and heart raising.Rebekah Rennick