Album: Augustines
Artist: Augustines

Having fought troublesomely with their label and each other throughout the creative process of their first album, Augustines’ second self-titled installment portrays how their passion for music has come up trumps. This Brooklyn trio have primed themselves, creating a rough and ready Americana indie sound.

The band, currently based in Seattle, are known for their hard-hitting sound and raw lyrics. Their newest endeavor sees them focusing on the need to push through hard times and focus on their goals. In many ways, this subject is exhausted throughout the 12 tracks, but that’s not to say there aren’t some tenacious tunes.

Debut single from the album, ‘Nothing to Lose but Your Head’, was a wise choice to introduce the new body of work as it is a prime example of how vast their capabilities stretch sonically and lyrically.

December saw Augustines support alternative rock band Frightened Rabbit and their stamp of influence is firmly emblazoned on this collection, as the drums kick sporadically and delightfully in tracks such as ‘Hold on to Anything’.

Key track ‘Cruel City’ loops and meanders hypnotically with an addictive hook and African inspired vocals, a result of the lead singer’s brief stay in Kenya last year. Elsewhere, the subdued atmosphere of ‘The Avenue’ is a welcome break from the somewhat monotony as the album’s journey comes to an end.

In A Nutshell: A string of solid tracks that thread a fine line between melancholic and inspirational.

Sadhbh Deegan