A Creature I Don’t Know

Artist: Laura MarlingAlbum Title: A Creature I Don’t Know Grade: B+Since Laura Marling left Noah and the Whale in 2008, the 21 year old wunderkind has released two acclaimed albums of her own pop-folk stylings. Her latest album, A Creature I Don’t Know, is her best work yet.This new album takes a deeper look into Marling’s personal life and as a result has a more sombre, mournful element to it. With ‘Sophia’ being the catchiest song and ‘Night After Night’ the darkest, these are the two to look out for. They capture the polar ends of the album and demonstrate Marling’s flexibility.This darker, struggling side of Marling’s personality is not one that has been heard on record before. While the similarity of some of the slower tracks may give the record a slightly monotonous feel, she is still exploring something new throughout. Whether or not you have been a fan in the past, this is essential listening.In a Nutshell: Marling manages a hat trick.