Music: A Band Apart


On the back of inventing their own genre, Futures Apart chat to Grace Murphy about their origins and latest single

Here we are back at that tired old issue of genre labeling, this time with Wexford band Futures Apart. Lead vocalist Brendan has created a novel solution to the problem that is not fitting into a nice broad category, and created his own. ‘Folk/Chinese pop/Two-step’ What now?


Truthfully, Futures Apart can be described as some marriage between electro, dance and rock. “It’s kind of a bit of a joke really. We did coin the phrase ‘future romantic’. We take a lot of influences from new romantic music, but we try and mix it up with dance and rock. Basically, we just make music that we like to listen to ourselves and dance to. That’s why we made our own genre up really.”

The band formed thanks to NCAD, where two of their five members met. “Aaron and Philip met in art college and some of us were friends for years. We were all in previous bands, so we kind of new each other as musicians and friends and we started playing together. This year we tried to reinvent ourselves and become Futures Apart, and make something new.”

Their first single, ‘Andrew’s Pride’, is a new take on break-up songs. “It’s about an ex-girlfriend. It’s about hanging out with her friends and not really feeling that I was wanted. It’s just a feeling of being isolated in a certain way. The chorus is about not selling yourself short. We all write our own individual parts, I usually hold back and be the last to kind of put my piece in to get the feel of the song and try and come up with a story behind it.”

Futures Apart have been working hard lately at making a name for themselves. They have played with Duke Special, Professor Green, The Magic Numbers and have also recently supported Hurts. “That was really good, the gig was pretty packed. Hurts were really interesting to see, they’re a relatively new band and they’re doing something a little bit different. It’s an old style of music in a new way. We got a lot of attention, it was pretty nice to see.”

What sort of crowd does Chinese-pop-electro…whatever attract? “Mixed, very mixed. I think our music is pretty accessible, it’s not too complex or out there. We make music for people to dance to which is a fairly universal thing.”

What’s next for Futures Apart? “We’ll be bringing out an EP in mid-November and we’re hoping to do a UK tour before the New Year. After Christmas, we’ll try and record an album and play as many gigs as possible.”

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