Letter from the eds

Hey readers,Haven’t we all just fallen in love with Fade Street? Finally, a television show that all of us young/buoyant/delusional college students can relate to. It just seems to consistently emulate the lifestyle that all of us twentysomethings live on a daily basis.It is so easy to relate to the show in many ways. Whether it is Dani and her missing the DART bants, or having to skip work for an emergency trip to “Mar-Bell-A,” they document their lives and we are like: “Totes happened to me lol.”So by now you’ve picked up your Observer, discarded the Berliner section of the paper and are happily sitting on your bus reading o-two for the journey home. And boy, are you in for a treat on your trip home.As you can see, we don’t like to generalise here at o-two. That’s why there is a clearly objective view throughout our cute little trash mag. From top-class reviews of films like Secretariat, to our daring interview with Boy and Bear, o-two never fails to cover all the bases that will see you, the reader, thoroughly satisfied, but at the same time begging for more.We are all about the animals in this edition of o-two, as even more interviews see us chat to a frightened rabbit, there are even more antics from our resident Apes and animal in the sack Fadora McSexypants has more solutions to your pickle problems.Good luck in exams and have a great Christmas!Shut up, that’s awesome!Emer & Killian