2021 UO Reading Challenge

Image Credit: Laoise Tarrant, Anna Blackburn

Need some new inspiration for what to read next? Anna Blackburn has put together a list of book categories that will help kick off your New Year's reading!

There can be little doubt that reading is a fun and adventurous way to pass the time. But sometimes we may fall prey to repetition, reading the same book over and over for ease, or perhaps find ourselves wanting to explore a new genre, but don’t quite know where to start. Instead of a novel review or title suggestions, I have listed books below to be treated as starting points to sourcing novels that specifically interest you in whichever category may take your fancy. 

Take it easy to begin with. Find a 2020 debut author, or maybe let fate do the talking by closing your eyes and seeing where your finger lands on the list below. Remember to enjoy the development of your versatility as a reader and literature lover! 

2021 University Observer Reading Challenge

  1. 2020 debut author
  2. Book turned TV show
  3. UCD Alumni author
  4. Celebrity memoir
  5. Famous author you’ve never read
  6. Historical Fiction novel
  7. Set in a country you’ve never been to
  8. Book of Poetry
  9. Birthyear Bestseller
  10. Recommended by a family member
  11. Controversial topic
  12. 2021 debut novel
  13. Book you haven’t read by an author you love
  14. Book with 2 authors
  15. A play
  16. Borrowed from a friend
  17. Supposed to have read in school/uni that you secretly didn’t
  18. Book of short stories
  19. Colour in the title
  20. More than 400 pages
  21. Less than 200 pages

If you’re ambitious and want to complete the list, start a new book every 2-3 weeks. But don’t forget to finish each book you start!