The doom and gloom of UCD’s appearance has finally tripped a switch in Laura O'Connor's head as she rants and raves When it comes to architecture, Trinity College always want to lark on about its campus, which features historical buildings dating back from the 18th century. Cork IT boasts a swanky new library building and UL has a shiny concert hall. And what about UCD? Well, we have a water tower and the huge chunk of weathered concrete that is the James Joyce Library – exciting stuff.There’s nothing really wrong with the architecture of UCD. It’s just that a lot of the buildings in the centre of campus were built during the 60s when everyone thought that concrete was the bee’s knees and had forgotten all about brick while still getting the hang of wood. Everywhere you look it’s the same case. The Ag Science building is concrete, so is the Arts building. Come on, even the shutters of the library are concrete.These are all beautiful designs, but how can the mass concrete facade of the James Joyce Library compare with the Ontario College of Art and Design, which features a bright-blue building balancing on top of colourful pixie sticks. Who cares whether it looks bizarre or not, because when your college building looks like its defying gravity, everything else pales in comparison.Another boring thing about the centre of UCD is the complete and utter lack of colour. The most colourful things there are the swans, and being white, well, they’re really not that colourful. There have been several propositions on how to fix this. The leading suggestion is to paint the whole place a happy yellow colour to alleviate the out-of-money-for-alcohol blues of all those disenchanted and hungover arts students dragging themselves to class.In addition, the concrete-covered walkway is in serious need of some pimping. Maybe some flashing lights and speakers pumping dance music will ease the air of gloom and doom surrounding the place.But there is hope for the future. Fingers crossed that this soon-to-be-built student centre beside the gym will spice things up and add a bit of razzle-dazzle to the campus, and that we’ll finally be able to tell those smug Trinners twits that we bet THEY don’t have an Olympic-sized swimming pool.