What’s Hot & What’s Not

What’s Hot

Lighthouse Cinema Reopening

The Lighthouse cinema in Smithfield was reopened last week after Element Pictures, a film/television production company responsible for films such as The Guard and The Wind That Shakes the Barley, took over its management. NAMA be damned, we can now enjoy movies in the Lighthouse’s plush surroundings once more – at least until we finally get that cinema on campus. Huzzah!

Lols on Youtube

It’s not even exam time yet and there’s already a surplus of lol-inducing videos to distract you from doing just about anything. Between Shite Irish Lads Say and the UCD Law Ball 2012 – Perfect Day promo video going up this week, Otwo has been easily amused by cringe-inducing videos this issue.

Anti-Valentine’s Cards at mardymabel.com

Shops may be plastered in red hearts and more crepe paper than you’d find in a primary school classroom on a Friday afternoon, but let’s face it, who needs cards with nauseating, sickly sweet verses when you can buy anti-Valentine’s cards with greetings such as “I love you even though you have food in your teeth” and “Too lazy to break up with you” on the front. It’s beautiful, really.

What’s Not


It really is a mystery as to why this show ever came into existence. It’s not like Geordie Shore or The Only Way Is Essex were ever critically acclaimed shows that needed an Irish spin on them. The poor people of Tallaght are forced to claim they live elsewhere, and nothing actually happens in it. Also, there’s a designated “Score Room.” Vom.

Election Talk

Ah lads, we’ve barely gotten over introductory lectures, and there’s already talk of which ladder-climbing hacks are running for various positions, and who’s declared what on Facebook. Just because they’ve spent the holidays preparing manifestos doesn’t mean anyone cares yet. Or indeed, ever will. If you have to talk about it, leave it until the campaign posters go up, yeah?

Lame Hoodie Slogans

Who decides these things? Surely no one wants cringey slogans on their backs? There seems to be a sudden influx of them this week, with gems including “We bury our mistakes” (Pre-med), “We feel you up when you’re feeling down” (Physio) and “TD or not TD, that’s the election” (Politics). There should be some new criteria for class reps that stops them mass-producing these things.