What’s Hot & What’s Not

Already gotten your new college year off to an uncool start? Let Aoife Valentine put you back on track

What’s Hot

A Betrayal Of Penguins
Fresh back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, A Betrayal of Penguins have replaced Foil, Arms and Hog as Otwo’s favourite sketch comedy trio. Palpable energy and some mad improvising skillz make for a thoroughly entertaining show. Unpredictable and original; the sense of fun is infectious.

Aran cardigans
Summer came and went on that one Tuesday in July, and right now it’s looking more like the middle of winter than back-to-school season. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to stay in bed, wrapped in your duvet forever. Lo and behold – the Aran cardigan. It may make you look slightly elderly, but you’ll essentially be wearing a hug. So cosy.

Punky is a little girl with lots going on. She has lots of friends, and lots of fun. She has a dog named Rufus and a very grumpy granny called Cranky. Sounds like your average cartoon, but just you wait for the twist! Oh RTÉ, you try so hard. The forthcoming version translated into Irish can only add to it. Amazing.

What’s Not

The lack of Insomnia on campus
How is anyone supposed to be motivated to walk to Roebuck for a 9am lecture in the coldest theatres on campus without first purchasing some vanilla-y hot chocolate-y goodness from Insomnia along the way? Any complaints of your probable imminent bankruptcy should be withdrawn; campus needs decent hot chocolate.

UCD’s new printing system
Just when you finally think you’ve mastered the fine art of printing to the printer nearest you and not in some building across campus, they change the rules so that your student card is also your printing card. Getting printing credit onto your student card is a whole new problem, especially since the machines seem to hate everyone.

Christmas paraphernalia in shops
The weather may make it feel like it’s mid-November but surely someone in the world of retail can read a calendar? It is September. There is no need for anyone to be this prepared for the holidays already. Anyone who even tries to buy rolls of Santa-covered wrapping paper should be promptly hit over the head with it by the cashier.