What’s Hot and What’s Not

Are you cooler than ice cold? If not, then take heed of o-two’s latest cultural guide, courtesy of Alison Lee

What’s Hot

Doc Martens

Sick of getting your feet wet wearing leaky converse? The sole of every Doc Marten shoe or boot is inscribed with the words ‘OIL FAT ACID PETROL ALKALI RESISTANT’. Even if you don’t routinely wade through puddles of hydrochloric acid, Docs are a lifesaver in winter.


Misfits is back on our TV screens, thanks to Channel 4. On November 11th, the five miscreants-turned-superheroes returned (in their jaunty orange jumpsuits, of course) to keep us entertained on lazy Thursday nights. They may not be the most stylish of TV drama heroes, but hey, they didn’t get that BAFTA for nothing.

Radio Nova

Broadcasting now since September 1st, Radio Nova has proved a welcome addition to the Dublin airwaves. When whine-fests like The Joe Duffy Show and The Right Hook become just a little to sickening to take, there’s nothing like switching to 100FM for some Def Leppard, Meat Loaf or Rolling Stones.

What’s Not

Harry Potter 7

Even though Ron, Harry and Hermione look like they’ve hit their mid-20s, the “teens” (who still haven’t quite figured how to act) are back again for another few convoluted hours of house-elves, gloomy forests and dodgy British accents. And there’s still one more movie to come.

Last-Minute Printer Meltdowns

Surely 15 minutes should be enough time to print off lecture notes before class? But by the time you’ve replaced the ink cartridge and paper, bought more printer credit and wrestled a paper jam or two, that tutorial you were rushing to is probably over. Don’t even think about printing double-sided; chances are the world will explode.

Take That Reunion Tour

1.34 million tickets for a reunited 90s boy band selling out in a day? It’s no wonder the world we live in is such a messed up place. Obviously the bills for hip replacements and dentures are piling up for the now crumbly-looking five-piece, but between their reunion tour, album and merchandise, the “boys” will hopefully scrape together enough for a decent retirement.