Webwatch: Homemade Hell

Ever wanted that crazy item that never seems to appear on eBay? Well Ethan Troy-Barnes is here to help

In the past week I’ve realised something very distressing. My life on the internet is dreadfully boring. Only when tasked with writing about some sort of trendy website/internet phenomenon that I found interesting, did I realise how little I expand my horizons on the web. I use Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia… I would say the list could go on, but that would be a lie.

I was originally going to write about this fantastic new thing called Twitter, but apparently everyone already knows about that. So, after asking my closest webophiles what’s what, I decided Regretsy would be more apt.

Regretsy, neatly summed up by its tagline: “Where DIY meets WTF”, is a site that showcases the weirdest creations on the web. It offers up a smorgasbord of the homemade, ranging from the amusing to the downright perplexing. It sources nearly all its content from the website etsy.com, which is a sort of eBay for handcrafts. However, as Regretsy does its best to point out, homemade is not always better made.

Regretsy’s hand-picked delights include the brilliant Barrack Obama-themed bag of coffee beans, a gold sequin-covered dust mask and a ‘Made to Order Real Leaf Toilet Seat’, in which many a certain type of leaf are suspended. In the description, the seller asks: “Who wouldn’t want to sit on ‘The Pot-Pot’?!’’ Classy, and a steal at only $75.

In addition, Regretsy houses some genuinely scary wares. A ‘One Of A Kind Sculpted Realistic Baby Monkey Doll’ is probably the creepiest thing I came across, but it’s doubtless mild compared to what a more thorough perusal of the site would reveal.

Also very funny is the fact that most of the oddities on show carry absurd price tags. If you thought the ‘Pot Pot’ good value, you’ll probably be very interested in the dust mask at a mere $20!

As well as physical items, Regretsy also features ‘WTF Alchemy Requests’ – weird and wonderful requests made to the Etsy site – the best of which being one for matching Sister, Sister-style hats for someone’s twin guinea pigs. In addition, there are also more abstract things for sale, such as the tragically comic person who promises to help you find new ‘ideals’, if you’re having trouble thinking of your own ‘ideals’ for things to sell in your shop. But act fast: there’s only one of these items in stock.

Regretsy is hilarious and often confounding. However, perhaps the best part of the site is that all revenue raised is donated to charitable causes – a great and, dare I say, virtuous way to kill some time on the internet.