Weather: 1st October – 6th October



Today Tuesday,will begin dry and bright across the city with all areas set to enjoy some rather pleasant weather. During the early afternoon however some showers are likely to spread gradually northeastwards accross the country.These showers will be heavy where they do occur,although some areas may stay completely dry. During the evening these showers are likely to once again die out and conditions overnight are likely to be clear and dry. Highs of Tuesday will range between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius.


Conditions accross the Belfield area on Wednesday will be very similar to those experienced on Tuesday. All areas will begin the days rather dry and bright with some long spells of sunshine likely. During the afternoon and evening however scattered heavy showers will gradually develop accross the greater Dublin area and some of these may be heavy and possibly thundery. Again showers will begin to die away shortly after dark. Highs on Wednesday will reach between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius.


During Thursday Ireland will be centred between an area of high pressure located over western Russia and an area of high pressure loacted over Iceland. This will ensure that Ireland lies in a mild,moist southwesterly airflow. During the course of the day this moist area is likely to yet again aid the formation of some rather sharp showers which will effect the Belfield area during the afternoon once again. Highest temperatures on Thursday are expected to reach between 17 and possibly 20 degrees Celsius.


Fridays weather looks like being very similar to Thursday weather with Ireland again lying between two weather systems. This will ensure that Ireland continues to see rather showery conditions given the high moisture levels in the air and the added heath which aids in lifting the shower clouds. These showers where they do occur will be rather heavy. As is the nature with showers though some areas will stay completely dry. Highs on Friday are expected to reach between 17 and 19 degrees.


Currently the forecast models for Saturday and Sunday are showing an area of high pressure originally located to the southwest of Ireland trying to push its way northeastwards and become stationary close to or over Ireland. If the models guidance remains solid then we can expect to enjoy yet another dry, and rather warm weekend. Sunshine levels will generally remain low as the suns power is now unable to burn off early morning fog and low cloud. Highs for the weekend will range between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius.


Tuesday: Showers later.

Wednesday: Showers later.

Thursday: Cloudy,showers.

Friday: Isolated showers.

Saturday: Dry,warm.

Sunday: Dry,warm.