Music: Temper, Temper

Lorenzo Sillitto of The Temper Trap tells George Morahan about his disdain of hipster bloggers and his love of Pixies

It has been over a year since The Temper Trap’s debut album, Conditions, hit the shelves. However, when o-two catches up with the band’s guitarist, Lorenzo Sillitto, we find a man still very much in the eye of a promotional hurricane which shows no signs of slowing down.

Sillitto is in Los Angeles as the band endeavour to build an American fanbase the old fashioned way: by touring. He explains: “Getting into the towns and playing the shows, no matter how many people are there,” is what’s important stateside.

Without the momentum that mega hit ‘Sweet Disposition’ brought them in the UK & Ireland and the notoriously hostile American market becoming increasingly fragmented, success becomes harder to come by. It seems as if two years of touring the same songs has certainly taken its toll on Sillitto and his bandmates, so a second album still looks far off.

“It’s coming,” he claims. “We’ve still got lots of touring, so it has been hard to get into the studio, but we do it as much as we can. We anticipate taking six months to just be in the studio and be.”

In the midst of this marathon tour, the band is releasing a remix album and has enlisted the services of Faithless, Rusko and Peter, Bjorn and John among other notables, to reinterpret their debut. The band thought “it would be interesting if we released the remixes we liked, so that our fans could hear it, and to remind people that we’re still here”.

With the concerted promotional blitz the band is on, accusations of selling out are never far away and Sillitto is vigilant in the defence of his band.

“We all have different opinions in the band on how our songs are used, but I think the landscape of the music industry has changed. At this point, we’re trying to get as much awareness as possible.”

The band’s songs are ubiquitous; appearing on numerous adverts and TV shows, even if they remain anonymous to many, but they feel that such marketing savvy is required for their long term survival.

“It depends on whose point of view you’re looking at; Pitchfork probably thinks we’re selling out. Whatever, they’re just little indie bloggers that sit in their rooms and have an opinion.”

However, the band can’t complain; they’ve just supported alternative icons the Pixies on the last scheduled shows of their seemingly everlasting comeback tour. “The last week has been crazy. We were star-struck, because they are such legends.”

The Temper Trap realise that there’s a long way to go until they reach the iconic status of their idols. It’s not for lack of effort, but Sillitto concedes: “There’s a lot more hard work to do.”

Conditions – Remixed is out now.