Student Contribution Fee Wins UCD’s Preferendum Vote

The results of the USI’s preferendum were announced by the UCD Students’ Union tonight, with the most popular option being to continue the current funding system of student contribution fees. The Executive met at 6pm this evening and formally adopted the new funding policy. This is a major departure from the traditional push for fully government funded education by most Students’ Unions, but UCD Students’ Union President, Pat De Brún expressed little surprise at the result.


“While many may be surprised at the outcome of this vote, it is an undeniable reflection of the will of the students of UCD. When we held our original referendum, which was inquorate, the result was exactly the same.

“We must now look to the future and prepare for the year ahead, with a focus on increasing access to education by improving the grants system, and capping the student contribution at its current level.

“This is a time of reflection for the Students’ Union, as we prepare to re-focus our national campaigning strategy.”

President-Elect Rachael Breslin expressed her thanks for student involvement in the decision.

“This is a significant change for UCDSU and the incoming sabbatical team will now develop a comprehensive policy detailing what students want from a contributory funding model and a thorough strategy for the achievement of this. The aim as always remains to improve both equity of access and quality of education.

“We are thankful to everyone (over 10% of our members) for actively engaging with this issue and taking the time to vote.”

The UCDSU delegation will now be mandated to vote in favour of the student contribution charge in the national funding preferendum at the USI Special Congress on Wednesday.

Results from the other universities have shown a similar outcome, with Trinity College Dublin announcing a narrow win for the Student contribution over a Student Loan Scheme.

The total results were as follows:

The total valid poll for UCD was 2226, reaching the quorum.

Count                       Option

2226                                 Total Valid Poll

1114                                  Quota

Round 1

383  – Graduate tax

755 – One hundred percent Exchequer funded

49 – One hundred percent upfront fees

535 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

410 – Student loan scheme

94 – None of the above

“One hundred percent upfront fees” was eliminated.


Round 2

389 – Graduate tax

760 – One hundred percent Exchequer funded

555 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

427 – Student loan scheme

95 – None of the above

“None of the above” was eliminated.

Round 3

400 – Graduate tax

784 – One hundred percent Exchequer funded

589 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

449 – Student loan scheme

“Graduate tax” was eliminated.

Round 4

862 – One hundred percent Exchequer funded

677 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

667 – Student loan scheme

“Student loan scheme” was eliminated.

Round 5

1024 – One hundred percent Exchequer funded

1097 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

“One hundred percent Exchequer funded” was eliminated.

Round 6

1941 – Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)

“Student contribution / Registration fee (Currently €2,250)” has exceeded the quota and is declared the winner.