Student Club to re-open next week with occasional licence

 The UCD Student Club is to re-open for a number of individual nights this semester, having been granted an occasional license in the District Court last week. UCD Students’ Union Vice-President for Entertainment Eoin Heffernan hopes the move will bring back a “community spirit” to the campus.

The license isn’t held by the Union however; it was granted to Diffusion Events who have engaged events management company, Madigan’s, to look after the Student Club. A spokesperson for Madigan’s says they will “open, operate, manage [and] staff the bar”. This will include purchasing stock and selling it in the bar “like any normal pub”.

While the University still owns the Student Club premises, Madigan’s will receive 100% of the profits from the deal. A spokesperson for the University said that “the Student’s Union will pay the net commercial operating costs” for each of the nights. This will include provision of security and any other costs incurred in facilitating the events.

On the Union’s end, they will promote gigs in the bar and arrange for the acts that will play. They will, however, be limited to events with a cover charge, as under the agreement, the Students’ Union must pay for the bar to operate in the first place.

The cost base is as yet uncertain but Heffernan points out that the situation must be “beneficial” for both parties. A more concrete arrangement will be worked out after the first event, with the current agreement allowing for a trial period.

As of now, the bar will be open only for use by the Union in the provision of these events. Looking forward, Heffernan believe societies and others may be able to utilise the venue when term resumes in September.

The first of the event nights will be held Thursday, February 14th. Smash Hits and DJ Simon Says will provide entertainment on the night. ‘Cheeky Tuesdays’, organised by Heffernan, in Kiely’s of Mount Merrion will continue due to the small number of evenings the bar can operate.

Though the Union has been trying in the last months to reopen the bar, Heffernan believes recent pressure placed on the University through social media eventually tipped the scales in the Union’s favour.