The Badger: Blog 3


Blog three and counting…

Britain (excluding Wales and Scotland)
“We conceded three very poor goals” was ‘Arry Redknapp’s analysis of Spurs weekend game with The Arsenal – though the fact that Redknapp Sr’s side failed to score three equally bad goals to counter the Gunner’s three pathetic attempts seems to be a deciding factor in why Tottenham came away with no points.

Leaving a Fabregas-shaped hole in their defence seemed to encapsulate Tottenham’s late morning/early afternoon kick-off. It took the aforementioned player exactly 11 seconds to walk through his opponents and score five fantasy league points. Don’t worry Tottenham, you get the hang of winning at the Emirates someday.

rafa-benitezWith not enough time to scan through the rest of the fixtures, three (maybe four) word summaries will have to suffice. Chelsea win away, Brown loses again, Goodison Park boredom, Liverpool uh oh!, Pompey home win, Wolves great comeback, Hammers blow lead, United win again, Given saves the day.

Finally, the number of red cards in the Premier League over the weekend raised a few eyebrows. Surprisingly, the joint owner of the illustrious title of most sent off player, Richard Dunne, did not join in on the fun, while the Premiership’s all-time leading fouler, Kevin Davies, didn’t even partake. What a shame. Ten would have been a nice round number.

La Liga
Real Madrid win, Barcelona don’t. Pep Guardiola looks sad after the final whistle, Pellegrini looks happy.

Serie A
It is hard not to be impressed by what the rejuvenated side from Naples are up too since firing Roberto Donadoni and bringing in Walter Mazzari as his replacement. After the 2-1 loss to AS Roma, which coincided with Donadoni’s last game as manager, Napoli have gone on a four match unbeaten run which has seen them take on three of last year’s top four clubs.

Some worrying signs of Mazzari’s start are seen by the hapless defending which saw his team go two goals down against Milan and Juventus, although The Badger can’t question their desire and persistance to come back and beat Juventus, while two impressive goals in stoppage time against Milan made for entertaining football.

Steve McLaren, five victories in a row and his team top of the league all in one sentence – The Badger never thought he would see the day. The former England gaffer is not doing a bad job at FC Twente adopting a classic Dutch style of play. So impressed are the head honchos at Twente, that McLaren has recently signed a one year contract extension.

The Badger says fair dues to McLaren, who showed up all the negative press and got on with his job. He has crafted a team of non-superstars into an effective unit and without repeating himself, the Badger says fair dues.

OMG Celtic and Rangers football clubs and fans alike, will you just go away?! Nobody cares – or, for that matter, believes – your blasé comments and threats that you’re going to join the Premier League. We elegant football fans especially don’t, in the slightest, fall for your remarks that you will challenge for titles and cups if you do happen, by some unlikely, most improbably, never going to occur situation, join the English football league system.

“Aye, boot if we ‘ad the monay that ye English ‘ad, den Glasgew Celltic and Raingers would be in the toup foor.” No you wouldn’t, now go home.

The reason is obvious why the Glasgow clubs are hoping to switch leagues. Their motivation is not to play a better standard of football, they are simply tired of getting all their TV revenue money and other assorted bonuses in Scottish pounds which is a globally known inferior currency. £1 (Scot) = £-0.50 GBP.

Final Formalities
The Badger knows that he ruffled the feathers of some Portuguese with his last article. But please, enough with the 3am threatening phone calls, the Badger is usually out on the prowl around that time of the morning and isn’t available to take your calls. Please try ringing at 6pm GMT instead. Thank you.