CD Review: Fallen Empires

Album: Fallen Empires

Artist: Snow Patrol

Grade: B+

Fallen Empires is the sixth studio release from Northern Irish soft-rock titans, Snow Patrol, and sees the band turn their hand to an unashamed style of love song, filled with orchestral majesty. Gary Lightbody’s lyrics evoke memories of Final Straw, with words intended to have a healing power.

Tracks like ‘New York’ aim to move the listener emotionally and are helped by the band’s experimentation with new instruments such as the melodica, the celesta and the sweet flowing mellotron flute.

With each track, a new instrument and a new quality is discovered. Many distinctive characteristics present themselves, varying from electric sound effects in ‘I’ll Never Let Go’ to classic piano in ‘The President’.

With its lush instrumentation and use of choirs, it’s a memorable album that optimistically reminds us of the best in love and life.

In a Nutshell: A great, moving album.