Preparations for Fashion Show begin

Preparations have begun for the UCD Fashion Show, which is set to be held on February 21st and 22nd 2012 in the O’Reilly Hall. The proceeds from the show will go to the Marc Owens Medical Fund. This is the second year in a row that the Fashion Show is being run after a two-year absence.

The fashion show is going to be primarily funded by sponsorship, as well as being supported by the Newman Fund as a community development project. Sponsorship for the event is currently being sought, “at this stage, we are trying to get our title sponsors on board, all of our sponsorship proposals have gone out – the Fashion Show is not reliant on funding from the SU, it’s reliant on funding from sponsors so we’re doing our best to get the money in place” asserts production manager Jason Masterson.

The Fashion Show will be held shortly after the Community Musical as the two separate projects share resources “in order to save significant amounts of money” as the equipment is kept on site for two weeks, explains Masterson.

“Once the Community Musical ends, we spend about eighty hours in the O’Reilly Hall during that weekend – the musical ends at eleven at night, by 3am Sunday morning it is taken down and then we’re all back in at nine the following morning to turn what was the Musical into the Fashion Show.”

Criticism arose in previous years regarding model selection, however Masterson stated that “there are no criteria for a model, other than being a UCD student; there is no height requirement, weight requirement, any of that”. Prior to the Fashion Show all of the fifty to sixty selected models will be expected to take part in a Bodywise seminar.

The models will be selected on their “presence” according to Masterson, “it’s the same kind of thing you look for in an actor, it’s the ability to hold attention, literally to hold a room – it’s based on their presence, if you will”.

The Marc Owens Fund was founded to raise money to help meet the extensive expenses of seeking medical treatment in the United States for DCU Business student, Marc Owens. Owens suffers from aggressive Stage IV soft tissue sarcoma. €275,000 of the required €1 million has been raised to date. “The idea of the fashion show is to make as much money as possible for the foundation,” says Masterson.

Committee interviews were held last week, with a task group from last year’s team making the selections. Model auditions are being held on November 14th and 15th.