What's Hot and What's Not


Zelda Cunningham‘s festive guide to stocking fillers and stocking piddlers.

What’s Hot

TV on the Radio
The Brooklyn-based band has encapsulated a varied range of influences, all of which are incorporated masterfully in their new album, Dear Science, which was released in September. Their outstanding performance in Tripod on 15th November proved that they are an act to listen out for.

International bar
The International bar is famous for its stand-up comedy gigs, which are not nearly as gut-wrenchingly awkward as they sound. It is rumoured that Dylan Moran got his big break there so you never know, the person you’re hurling abuse at may just be famous one day.

Café Leon
Nothing like a bit of recession-busting by paying a fiver for a glazed raspberry tartlet in one of the Café Leon’s dotted around the city centre. Delightfully displayed goodies at just the right price to spoil yourself with, Café Leon will provide a sugary sweet oasis in your depressing little life.

Leonardo DiCaprio
In his latest role in Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies, DiCaprio once again proves himself to be a hugely capable and diverse actor. Since Pacino and De Niro are engaging in howlers like Righteous Kill, there is a place at the top for DiCaprio.

What’s Not

Krystle Nightclub
If you have been ridiculous enough to attend this hugely pretentious, overpriced haven of ego-inflated D4s, than you are aware that it is in fact, the seventh circle of hell. Mercifully, Dublin hasn’t degenerated itself into an elitist city, but with clubs like this it won’t be long…

Library vigilantes
In the library, no one likes chatty-Charlie or i-Pod Irene, but shussy Shelly can go fuck herself. Stop glaring at people; Stop rasping at people to be quiet. Librocop did not spend seven years in Book Boot Camp for you to steal his glory, now, did he?

No red cups in UCD Starbucks
Winter is a sorrowful time in UCD. Exams, freezing lecture halls, lakeside seagulls snapping for yours sambo more than usual… it’s tough. This misery could be migated if UCD Starbucks encased their beverages in crimson Christmas cups, but alas, we are relegated to a world of blanche monotony.

Living with Lucy
RTÉ describes this as Lucy, of Podge and Rodge fame, cohabiting with a ‘celebrity’ for a week, however, I don’t think watching Twink picking her toenails for half an hour is particularly riveting. RTÉ should just stop trying to be cutting edge and just run re-runs of the Late Late Toy Show.