What's Hot and What's Not: September 9th, 2008


Zelda Cunningham’s fortnightly guide to stuff that’s nice, and stuff that … well, isn’t.

What’s Hot

The Hills
I know it’s not real, okay? I know that, but no one has ever provoked such venomous hatred in me as Spencer. No one’s utter lack of higher cortex movement as ever intrigued me like Audrina’s. No one’s life has ever really lacked as much reality as Lauren’s. Some people have smoking. Some have binge eating. I have this…

The Hard Working Class Heroes Festival is perhaps Ireland’s most innovative music experience. Uniting the best and brightest new faces of music for a two-night extravaganza in a number of Temple Bar venues, it annually proves to be a music-lover’s dream. Robotnik, Super Extra Bonus Party and Bats are the ones to watch!

‘Time for campaigning’
Yes, we are sick of hearing about the U.S. presidential race too, but this hilarious animated video illustrates the true essence of politics stateside! McCain ploughing through Iraq in a tank, Obama prancing on the ‘Pink Unicorn of Change’. Political satire at its best!

Signing up!
As a flurry or Freshers’ week grips UCD, the opportunity to sign your life away to a random society presents itself once more. A life-supply of superfluous stationary and enough free pasta and ham feed you all winter; it really is a wonderful time of the year!

What’s Not

Celebrity Jr
Why are teeny bopping Disney-spawn shamelessly splashed across our magazines? Is it not slightly odd that fifty-year old men are obsessing about the lip-gloss of Miley Cyrus? Go back to Sesame Street before you hurt yourself!

Not only is it excruciatingly expensive, obnoxiously yuppie-ish and big and clunky, it also knows too much. I am no techno-whiz but I am pretty sure it reads your thoughts. Stop it now before it takes over the world!

The Ting Tings
Vomiting up songs which are the audio-equivalent to Whoppa bars, (sticky and lacking in anything natural), the Ting Tings pretty much sum up everything that is wrong with the world today, well at least as far as indie-pop/neo-punk/funk-rock is concerned.

Perez Hilton
Is it just me or does he remind you of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs? The fact that he thinks he actually is famous is just embarrassing for us all. The tired, bitchy drawn on cocaine dots and writing ‘fugly’ on people is ridiculously over. Do not visit his webpage. The attention just encourages him.