What's Hot and What's Not: October 7th, 2008


Zelda Cunningham’s fortnightly guide to the good, the bad, and the downright minging…

What’s Hot

Inconspicuously perched in a Georgian house on South King Georges’ Street beside Hogan’s bar, Kelly’s is styled on a trendy apartment, complete with sofas, coffee tables, a dining room and antique household memorabilia. Without even a sign on the door, ascending the stairs to the bar initially feels like an intrusion of a home, but with a relaxing vibe, you will soon be in domestic bliss!

The Mighty Boosh
The oddball duo has announced their return to Irish stages after the astronomic success of their Bulmers Festival shows. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt delve into the realms of the ridiculous with a surreal January show. Get tickets now before they sell out!

Crystal Castles
With their clinical electro-punk, Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath and Alice Glass treated fans in the Academy to a night of eclectic indie-dance. Breaching the borders of generic electronics, Crystal Castles are a dance act with depth.

Bebo Abandonment
Bebo and Facebook have served their purpose in wasting time in lectures, but have become a hideous outlet for saps whiling away their useless existence uploading visual documentations of every moment of their pathetic non-event lives. Rise above it. Lay down your laptops. Go outside… get some fresh air

What’s Not

The O2
Like Ireland hasn’t sold itself out enough, a little piece of national history, the Point Depot, is being whored out to big corporations with its being renamed the O2. Citizens! Comrades! Revolt! Boycott! Oooh, wait… Boyzone are playing there?! COOL! Never mind. As you were.

End of the Wire
Arguably one of the best TV shows in history, the last ever series of The Wire has been released on DVD. It’s all over! The incandescent, didactic series followed police resistance to crime in the murder capitol of America, Baltimore. Alas, we will now be reduced to watching re-runs of Will &Grace, or worse (See below)

Living on the Edge
MTV UK is putting Western Europe to shame with this abysmal Hills knock off. Wasting Daddy’s money? Orange faces and panda eye make-up? Incipit conversation in faux –posh accents? This show is simply D4s on TV… how fun. As simultaneously irritating and boring as eavesdropping in the Arts Block.

Over the knee-socks
A worrying trend being incubated in the concrete corridors of UCD. In your head, you look like Cher from Clueless. in reality you look like a complete twat. There’s nothing sexy about thigh-cellulite being bound by sock elastic. Get some trousers like a normal person.