What’s Hot and What’s Not


with local hotstuff Michelle McCormick


Seachtain na Gaeilge
Wasn’t that awesome? Free entry into clubs, The Coronas playing on campus, a hypnotist, balloons, Spin in the student centre, tea and sandwiches and talking lots and lots of lovely Gaeilge – and not a peep out of that fuppin eejit Hector O’Hockacjhahshdn. Ciúnas bother cailín bainne… an dtuigeann tu?

B&L Ball
A refreshing change from the usual drink-fuelled disasters plonked in whatever skeezy Dublin hotel will take a crew of sozzled students, this year’s B&L Ball is set in the swanky surroundings of the Mount Wolseley Hotel in Tullow, Co Carlow. Kudos to the committee for organising such a night of luxury for the bargain price of €70. Tickets are on sale now, get em while they’re hot.

Six Nations
Yay for rugby! The staff at the Observer have been overcome with rugby fever, and let’s face it, who can resist? There’s something for everyone during Six Nations season –whether it’s the actual rugby, the opportunity to spend every weekend in the pub, the patriotism we so seldom get to express, or simply hot burly men in shorts. Better than Christmas, we reckon. Come on Ireland!

Why can’t every Tuesday be pancake Tuesday? These flat, eggy treats are the height of deliciousness and we only get to stuff ourselves with them one day a year. Head on down to Cafe Brava today to get your sticky little paws on some pancakes, then lounge about on the sofas after; holding your belly and groaning as you see who ate the most. I think I’ll have ten.


Pokerface as Gaeilge
The one aberration that Seachtain na Gaeilge brought upon us was this travesty against music, and the genius that is the GaGa. Ensconced in the Student Centre, the Spin 103.8 minis and their crew of “DJs” subjected us to an all-Irish version of Lady Gaga’s musical masterpiece, Pokerface. It was about caliní, or something – all we know is that it made us want to stab ourselves in the eyeballs with broken biros.

Ridiculous iPhone Apps
Seeing as everyone who’s anyone has an iPhone these days, it was only inevitable that there’d be a flood of useful and not-so-useful apps to clog it up with. We can get on board with things like ‘Camera Flash’ and ‘Flashlight’ and ‘Alarm Clock’, ineffective and superfluous as they are – but c’mon, How to Kiss? iBeer Special? I don’t want to ‘brew and drink beer on my iPhone’, also, it’s actually not possible. Don’t even get me started on iPee Drunk.

No, YOU get Lost. For serious. Being one of those (normal, sane) people who gave up on this plane crash of a programme – see what I did there? – around series three or so, I was horrified to see that the plot has become even more retarded since I last watched it. Apparently they’re all going back to the island, but also BACK IN TIME. Fuck off, like. I simply don’t have the brainpower or the inclination to understand such messing.

Not just the endless procession of “new” layouts, which are being rolled out in such quick succession that we’re feeling quite dizzy – but the fact that memes and applications are creeping into our status updates now. If I wanted all that shite I’d still be on Bebo. If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be on Twitter.