What’s Hot and What’s Not


This fortnight’s movers and losers as chosen by resident hot stuff Michelle McCormick


Cat Face
From the people who brought you the Badger Badger Badger song and that really irritating 118-24-7 directory heaven jingle on the telly comes the comic genius that is Cat Face. He’s got the body of a cat and the face of a cat… and he is rather hilarious. Watch all 18 episodes at weebls-stuff.com for some genuine belly laughs. Silly Cat Face.

That’s why I chose Yale
The all-singing, all-dancing promotional video for Yale University has made all at the University Observer want to choose Yale – but we’re pretty sure that the song is the best thing about the place. Why doesn’t stuff like this happen in UCD? Have a goo on YouTube.

Giddy Goose
This Dun Laoghaire cafe is a new face in the village, and one that will be sticking around if first impressions are anything to go by. Go visit, have a delicious fry, be spoiled by the über-friendly staff then walk it off on the pier. Good times.

Fred “Spar Ad” Cooke
Despite us labelling him “Spar Ad”, and forgetting he went to UCD while giving comedy compatriot Jarlath Regan a namecheck as an alumnus, he still gave us the good biscuits at last week’s Comedy Mish Mash. What a legend.


Peanut Butter M&Ms
Addictive little bites of deliciousness, all the way from New York New York. Oh cruel fate, why did you bring these drops of heaven into our lives simply to snatch them away again? We’ll cry into the empty wrappers until M&Ms decide to sell them here, or someone goes to the USA again… whichever happens first.

Destroyer of motivation and all time, Sporcle.com has taken over our lives like a nasty rash that feels really great to scratch. With quizzes like ‘name the annoyingly familiar corporate symbol’ and ‘who was that guy, you know the guy, in Friends, with the hair?’, you’ll be tearing your hair out gleefully for hours on end. Disclaimer: quiz names may not be accurate.

Sabbatical nominations
Come one, come all, the circus is back in town. The next cycle of Belfield’s Next Top Wannabe is has begun and once again, nobody cares. It would be ignorable if it weren’t for the endless stream of Facebook requests to join every Johnny Loser’s campaign group. Le sigh.

As if our online lives weren’t already infested with enough uselessness, the scourge of annoying applications has travelled over to Twitter. As far as we can gather, it’s a game about telling people where you are and stuff. Basically, Foursquare is the new Farmville. And it must be destroyed.