What's Hot and What's Not


Zelda Cunningham’s terminal guide to the terrific and the tragic…

What’s Hot

Where The Wild Things Are
Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s much loved children’s book promises to be a warming, fantastical whorl of a film and with Arcade Fires’ ‘Wake Up’ in the soundtrack, we can feel the nostalgia plucking at our heartstrings already.

The website that accompanies child’s TV really shouldn’t appeal to me as much as it does. With fat little multicoloured dancing characters, simplistic games and bongo music, it is the best way to hypnotise yourself into an elated stupor.

In the secluded location of 14 Dame Court, Odessa seems somewhat exclusive from the exterior, however, with their introduction of their new ‘fivers’ tapas menu, they will have every impoverished student in the city baying at their doors. Choose chorizo and chick pea stew, tabouleh and calamari. Fun, filling and for a fiver? Fantastic.

The Bernard Shaw
Being haven of side-fringes and quirky glasses, at least the Bernard Shaw can (unlike some other premises – see below) back up its pretention with varied, eclectic music and laid back ambiance. The Portobello bar also hosts a cute car boot sale, so stall down on 16th May for beer and brickerbrack.

What’s Not

Chandler Bing
The Friends-star curse continues as another actor succumbs to take on another terrible terrible film in 17 Again with the wavy eye-browed, gender-confused Zack Efron. Matthew Perry will always be Chandler Bing and should really just go way now.

Located in the beautiful Powerscourt house on South William Street Spy is a really cool place to hang out. That is, if you are six inches wide and have somehow managed to exorcise the place from narcissistic posers that destroys a perfectly good club. Cramped and pretentious, best avoided.

Oh sweet Jesus, does UCD really need to offer a platform to those attention-starved members of our student body? CTN’s latest production looks like it is trying to be UCD’s 90210, but is even more embarrassing. Ughhh.

Selling out
Armed with credit cards in our hot little hands, we were all planning a summer of music and delight, but Jesus, even the UCD Ball sold out a millisecond. At this rate, it looks like we’ll spend the summer at the bottom of the garden with a wireless instead. Grr.