What’s Hot and What’s Not


Michelle McCormick knows the temperature of stuff.

What’s Hot

Singing? Check. Dancing? Check. Kids with a dream? Check. The story of one girl’s triumph over adversity? Not sure yet, we’re only on episode five. This brand-new US TV show is High School Musical for grown-ups, complete with closeted gays, teen pregnancy, and the best all-male hip-hop acapella group the world has ever seen. Featuring a cameo from Josh Groban and a football team doing the Single Ladies dance, this is sheer, shameless entertainment.

Although he’s not quite tall enough to be a supermodel, Colm is one hot housemate. Likes include tasers, night vision goggles, cheap biscuits from Centra, and reality TV shows about modelling – but only for the sideboob. His pet peeves are the downstairs neighbours, drink-induced memory loss, and running out of Wonder Berries. He’s really crap at coming up with ideas for Hot or Not topics, though… clearly.

Since JCDecaux ever so thoughtfully made Fusion withdraw their DublinBikes iPhone app, the only way to find out if there are any bikes available is to, er, go home and check the internet? Well that’s just silly. Instead, go to dublinbikes2go.com, a very nifty site that will have you saddled up in seconds. Bike me!

Premixed cocktails
For the classier knacker drinkers among us. No longer do we have to suffer the tongue abuse that is Dutch Gold, Devil’s Bit, or Tesco white label vodka. Smirnoff has brought out a range of pre-mixed cocktails in bottles and cans so you stay classy while you drink yourself to oblivion in your local bus shelter/woods/dingy alleyway. Nice.

What’s Not

Facebook Apps
There is a growing threat that those of us with lives, brains and a shred of compassion for our fellow human beings will soon snap in the face of wave after wave of retarded Facebook applications assaulting our feeds. There is only so many times a person can hit the ‘hide’ button before having a mental break. Apps whores – if you get punched in the throat, it will be all your own fault. You have been warned.

Misleading Menus
Nothing is more annoying than going into your favourite UCD eatery and perusing the delicious menu while in the queue, only to get to the top and see that the carvery feast you were expecting has been reduced to cold, soggy chips and yesterday’s fried chicken. It’s not nice to tease, UCD restaurants. You know who you are.

Too much TV
New House! New Bones! Fringe! Lie to Me! Strictly Come Dancing! X Factor! It’s all too much. Our lives and our NTL boxes cannot handle all this awesome TV. It’s overwhelming, confusing and it makes us feel like a failure. If only there was a degree in watching TV, then we could do it all day.

Amstell-less Buzzcocks
The one new series we’re not excited about is Never Mind the Buzzcocks minus Simon Amstell as host. No-one else will ever be as inappropriate, snarky, or floppy-haired as he. We’re registering our protest by watching the John Barrowman ‘Dildo’ song repeatedly on YouTube. Not that we do that all the time, or anything.