What’s Hot and What’s Not


They sequenced the cool gene over Christmas and named it ALI/LEE. With that in mind, here’s Alison Lee’s happening guide to get you through the fortnight

What’s Hot

The Rubberbandits

o-two awards its coveted double thumbs up to the Limerick duo that brought the country to its knees with their ridiculously catchy ode to the advantages of owning a horse over a car. Expect to see the UCD car park thronged with piebald ponies this semester – if you haven’t swapped your Honda Civic for one, you better get a move on.

The return of Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith and the gang are back for our viewing pleasure. Their extremely complicated professional and personal lives make a day in the life of a UCD student look about as exciting as Dad’s Sunday trip to Power City. Except for the med students that is, whose lives of scandal, intrigue and perfect hairstyles put the rest of us to shame.

Having water on tap

It can be hard to appreciate the little things in life, such as running water – especially when you live in a country renowned for its irritatingly reliable rainfall. But after weeks of being officially out of H2O, flushing toilets and taking showers have become activities that leave much of the country’s population experiencing a disturbingly satisfying tingle.


What’s Hot

New year’s resolution to diet

It’s a well-known fact that new year’s resolutions are bad for you. In fact some, such as dieting, are scientifically proven to be life-threatening. That extra layer of Christmas blubber is essential to survive the cold January days – especially if you’re one of the poor unfortunates that still have to spend two hours in the Arctic RDS doing exams.

The sales

Are sales REALLY that exciting nowadays? Thanks to the R-word, there have been brilliant sales all year round in pretty much every shop in the country – the ones that haven’t gone bust, that is. Sorry Brown Thomas, you can take your ‘ten per cent off Prada handbags’ and shove it up your very expensive rear entrance (the one on Clarendon Street).

Novelty calendars

Novelty calendars are the ultimate “I’m out of ideas” present, and sadly most of us are currently in possession of one, gifted unto us by our nearest and dearest. Titles like Ferrets Go Fishing, Racoons are Beautiful and Cat Yoga are just some of the gems on offer. If you must buy one, pick up Ireland’s National Firefighter Calendar – at least it’s for charity!