What’s Hot and What’s Not


Need something hot to assuage the forthcoming November breeze? Alison Lee provides the answers to your prayers

What’s Hot

Freddy Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen is set to star in a movie chronicling the life of Queen frontman, which apparently does not focus on Mercury’s premature death from HIV, instead treating his life with tact and sensitivity. Should be interesting to see how the man who brought us Ali G and Borat handles being tactful and sensitive.


The colour purple

Some say it’s the colour of royalty, others say it’s the colour of sexual frustration. Either way, anything from lilac to violet is in this season. So whether you have blue blood or whether you’re just gagging for it, be sure to include some in your winter wardrobe.


Come Around Sundown

It’s hard to believe the Kings of Leon have released five albums. It seems like only yesterday they were being touted as the next big thing. Now they are officially the big thing and this new record sees their signature sound maturing like a rock version of high quality cheddar cheese.


What’s Not

Rescheduling the Late Late Toy Show

The Late Late Show’s seasonal cheese-fest airs in November this year. How dare RTE ignore the sacred tradition of broadcasting the hallowed Toy Show in December. How are we supposed to get into the Christmas spirit when Ryan and co. play with toys a full month before December 25th? Bah humbug to this, says o-two.



Cancelling your gym membership to save some cash and going jogging instead seemed like such a fantastic idea in July. Now winter is well and truly with us, the sun rises late and sets early, and it won’t be long before frost and ice make that morning run an even more daunting prospect.


Andrea Corr as Jane Eyre

Orson Welles, Michael Gambon and Ralph Fiennes are just some of the theatrical legends who have bestrode the stage of Dublin’s Gate theatre. They’ll soon be joined by Andrea Corr, one of Ireland’s favourite lovely girls, who plays Jane Eyre in this winter’s token period drama. She may be “irresistible” but can she act?