What's Hot and What's Not


TOMS Eyewear

TOMS, the company who established the ‘One for One’ movement, where you buy a pair of shoes and the company donates a pair to a child in the developing world, are now branching out into eyewear. The same business model applies to the sunglasses, except presumably being aware that sunglasses aren’t high on the wishlist of any child in the developing world, TOMS are instead offering eye-saving surgery, medical treatment or prescription glasses. Saving people’s sight in exchange for pretty things? Yes, please.

New Burger King Ad Campaign

Burger King seem to have quite an eccentric marketing team, and not always in a good way. The “It’ll blow your mind” ad with the not-subtle-at-all blow job innuendo was not well-received by anyone, particularly women and it seems their latest campaign is trying to be cute enough to rectify that. It works; eyeshadow burger is amazing. You win, Burger King.

The Office

This is quite possibly the University Observer‘s last production cycle spent in the Windowless Office of Doom, and we’ll miss this tiny, cramped, unbearably hot, airless little room quite a bit. Full of eighteen years worth of nonsense and junk we’ve acquired and had for so long that we don’t really know how it ever came to be anymore, plus the Macs that never get a break, not to mention the too large a team for such a small room, the two pityful fans do very little to help with how hot the office really is.


USI Congress

Twitter feeds everywhere last week were clogged full of hacks updating from USI Congress as they tried to get #USI12 to trend. Shouting about the many seemingly pointless and irrelevant motions for a delegation of students to be debating, and patting each other virtually on the back as a prelude to the circle-jerk that seemed to be the gala-dinner, all to not even be able to vote to decide USI’s stance on fees? Anyone who thought class rep training was a waste of money should take a look at what goes on at Congress.


It would seem the world has decided it’s perfectly cool not to be entirely grossed out by the idea of snails crawling across their face, in a bid for amazing, youthful looking skin. We may have accepted the fish pedicure as not being as mental an idea as it first seemed, but snails can keep their wrinkle and scar healing slimy qualities; it’s still disgusting.


As the ultimate abuser of slang words, or words that just aren’t really words at all, and insisting they be printed as if they exist, as well as being the purveyor or hotness and notness, this writer is in the unique position to be able to declare that the word ‘tins’ is an abomination and simply not a thing. Talk about the totez awky mo mo when you think you can just use it like it’s a thing. You can’t, not without being so Not right now. So there.

Aoife Valentine