Websight: Top 5 Blogs


They’re everywhere! There is no escape! Luckily Emer Sugrue can recommend the best five of the blogosphere

It’s difficult to define what makes a blog great, but for me the main criterion is how much time can be wasted reading it. If you start off intending a quick glance, and before you know it you’re four hours into an archive binge and none of your homework is done, you’re onto a winner.

Photoshop Disasters (http://short.ie/websight1) catalogues the most ridiculous image editing mistakes around, with every entry having been published in magazines, billboards and posters. Most of the pictures look like they were made by someone who had never seen a computer before, and some as though they’ve never seen a human before. There are missing arms, extra legs, people posing together who have clearly never met in their lives, and countless bizarre enhancements. I know Photoshop can be a bit tricky at times, but I’m certain I could design a better poster pressing the keyboard with my face.

Have you ever eaten a sandwich and thought, “wouldn’t this be better if the bread was replaced with donuts, the ham with bacon, and the mustard with caramel?” No? Well, unfortunately some people have and they took pictures. A look around This Is Why You’re Fat (http://short.ie/websight2) – “where dreams become heart attacks” – is guaranteed to leave you equal parts hungry and nauseous. Many animals were harmed in the making of this site; I hope you like bacon.

Superpowers are a common fantasy among bored people but generally the focus is on abilities such as strength, speed or flight. Powers that could be used to help your fellow man. SuperUseless (http://short.ie/websight3) focuses on the overlooked super useless powers such as ‘Omnipresent Disorientation: the power to be everywhere, but never know where you are’ and ‘TeleKinnearsis: the ability to levitate… actor Greg Kinnear’. This site makes you thankful for normality.

CheapEats (http://short.ie/websight4) is a blog about eating well in Ireland while getting value for money. The blog is largely Dublin-based, and will keep you up to date on the best (affordable) restaurants and warn you of the latest dodgy 5-for-€x offers in Tesco, not to mention yummy recipes and general updates on eating in Ireland. Essential reading for thrifty students.

Finally, 1000 Awesome Things (http://short.ie/websight5) is a sweet and often moving blog of the little things that make life worthwhile. You’ll relate to almost everything on the list, and every new entry will bring a nostalgic grin to your face.  My personal favourites are #813 (Museum gift shops), #743 (Taking your high heels off at the end of the night and walking home in bare feet) and #578 (Correctly guessing the actor voicing the animated movie character). It’s updated every weekday and gives a great boost to the morning.