Websight: Boredstop.com


Got five minutes to spare? Ben Storey has a solution. Caution: you may waste more than five minutes…

Boredstop.com is not your usual time-wasting website. As a student, one becomes rapidly acquainted with the range of sites offering everything from quizzes, blogs, videos and chat to occupy your “spare” time – Facebook, Bebo, Sporcle and StumbleUpon quickly spring to mind. Many of these are modern favourites but some, on the other hand, quickly lose their novelty and fail to impress. Alas, fear not: Boredstop is coming to the rescue!

“Because you have time to kill”: that’s the byline on the website, and it’s true. You may not actually have time to kill – but hey, let’s make some. First of all, it’s important to say that this site is completely and utterly random, consisting of pages of random pictures with concise explanations underneath. You can expand the information in the explanations if you want, which makes it more worthwhile and interesting. The website offers a wide list of genres to choose from so you can control your search. The sections include nature, miscellaneous, people, oddities, cool, technology, art and animals, so perhaps there’s something for everyone!

The appeal of the site is that it’s just that little bit quirkier and different to the other sites which act as brief amusements. The pictures do not follow any single tone: one may be humorous, the next thought-provoking, the next perplexing. There is, quite simply, a mix of everything. On one quick glance I found myself looking in fascination at a series of pictures documenting the killing of a bee by a spider that had camouflaged itself yellow, so as to sneakily blend in with the flower on which it was perched on… sad as it sounds, it was actually pretty awesome. Next were photos of purses made from rocks and fruit. You literally do not know what you will come across!

The site offers two more amusing side portions: the “random picture of the week”, and the “interesting news” section.  The first does exactly what it says on the tin – you just have to love it for its sheer randomness. You might get a picture of a burger with an egg on it, or maybe a picture of a Mexican unisex toilet. Yes – random. The news section also offers a cacophony of completely unrelated topics from all over the web.

If it’s a website that focuses on a specific topic or theme that you’re looking for, BoredStop will not be your cup of tea. However, if you’ve got a couple of minutes on your hands, this site is worthy of a visit. It’s a bit of light and mild entertainment to leave you, eh… I don’t know… startled? Happy? Wondering? Probably all of the above.