TV / Madder than a Bag of Spiders


“Boys in the West of Ireland tryin’ to get out of a small town to the Big Schmoke” – well, it looks like they’ve made it! Jake O’Brien sits down with the Hardy Bucks’ Buzz and The Boo

“Sound.” After only a mere moment in the room Buzz pipes up with a request: “Can I grab one o’ dem rollies there?” Upon this, The Boo smoothes his way into a seat and makes a demand of his co-star and friend: “Roll one for me cause I can’t roll… C’mon!” Buzz’s response is less than polite but rurally playful. “Fuck ye!”

Hardy Bucks picGetting down to business, we delve into the group’s prospects after winning the RTÉ Storyland competition, and it would seem that Channel 4 might also have plans for them. “Well, that’s only a rumour like,” says The Boo, “You know the way rumours spread… we’re tryin’ to get somethin’ with Channel 4. There’s a person over there at the moment showing them our pilot – so hopefully we get somethin’.”

Indeed. We do know how rumours spread. Straight from the mouths of The Hardy Bucks in their Astra Hall Performance only minutes earlier. Nonetheless, these are sincere gentlemen; very honest characters altogether. It is evident from the fact that Buzz is still shaking with nerves from the show and The Boo is equally petrified.

Putting anxious sentiments to one side the subject of Hardy Bucks’ similarity to Canada’s own Trailer Park Boys is raised and squashed with equivocal speed. “They copied us!” was Buzz’s quick response, whereas The Boo retained an obviously more prepared answer to this evidentially common question. “There’d be more of a connection with The Office now in fairness… it’s just a coincidence that it looks like Trailer Park Boys. The Office would be more of a genuine representation.”

At this point the smoke clears and the distinct lack of sincerity from time to time rises to the fore. Yet what is interesting here is that there is no malevolence present. There are no contrived notions of secrecy with this bunch; only a wish to play with your head and make you laugh.

Turning honest, The Boo tells us his favourite moment while filming Hardy Bucks. “I enjoyed the campsite scene where we’re up pretendin’ to break up a campsite, that was good fun during… and it was fun after as well!” However, Buzz retains some ridiculous moments for himself. “Throwin’ a shlap to a Polish lad right after the camera was finished! [laughter ensues] Shtraightened his jaw, like… Took his nose clean off!” Moreover, as a general consensus the boys agree that the Speed Dating episode was their best experience while making the show both on and off camera. “The Shpeed Datin’ was the best… cause we were… very drunk.”

All in all, these lads are what we call Good People. They are genuinely funny boys from the West. It will be incredibly interesting to watch their weird rise to fame, and be sure of one thing: they will get there. There is almost too much charisma subtly buried amongst the elongated phrases, bottles of Buckfast and Full Irish smoothies (Buzz’s own concoction).