Top 10: Film Entrances


Keyzer Soze – The Usual Suspects

Stunningly enough, everyone who sees this film reacts in the same way as Soze’s identity is revealed – and if they don’t, there’s something wrong with them, obviously. Hmm. Movie cop is thinking. Things start to come together. Something starts to click in your mind too. Then wait for it… Oh. Holy. Jesus. *jaw drop* Best twist ever.

Jack Sparrow [Johnny Depp] – Pirates of the Caribbean

Sailing into port triumphantly, dreadlocks blowing in the wind and the ship slowly sinking underneath him, Captain Jack is a legend from the first moment he appears onscreen. And he saves us from the film’s initial threat to be nothing more than a putrid love story. The epitome of cool and awesome.

Aragorn [Viggo Mortensen] – The Fellowship of the Ring

Now this is a lesson in how to make an impression. The man who would be king sparks early intrigue as he sits in a corner, shrouded in shadows, his hood partially obscuring his face, while the embers in his pipe illuminate dark, menacing eyes. Smooth and beautiful… until he takes the hood down.

Sugar Kane [Marilyn Monroe] – Some Like It Hot

A lady adept at making a fine entrance, Marilyn’s finest hour may just be this sterling monochrome gem. As would-be transvestites Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon argue on the platform, the train toots, the camera pans and a jazz wah-wah signals the entrance of bodacious sweetheart Sugar. Look how she moves! “Just like jello on springs,” quips Jack. Quite.

The Shark – Jaws

After successfully keeping his villain hidden for the entirety of the film – portentous fin aside – Spielberg unleashes the beast at the most unexpected moment, and therein lies its effectiveness. The camera angle gives it away in hindsight, but the first time you see it, the last thing you expect to jump out at Roy Schneider at that particular moment is… that.

Indiana Jones [Harrison Ford] – Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is cheating a bit, as the whip, hat, and adventuring is already in full swing by the time that boulder puts in an appearance, but it sure as hell tops things off nicely.

Marty McFly [Michael J. Fox] – Back to the Future: Part 1

Let’s turn our amps up loud and ka-blamo! The ego of every rock star – even would-be rock stars – explodes and quite literally takes out the whole room. A fine introduction to the chaotic exploits of Doc Brown and Marty, long before there’s a flux capacitor in sight.

Mutt Williams [Shia LaBoeuf] – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I specialise in liking things that everyone else hates. So in this instance, that means: train station platform. Hustle. Bustle. Waft of smoke. Vroom. Ooh.

Steff [James Spader] – Pretty In Pink

Three words: You’re a bitch. (This does not require further analysis.)

Hit Girl [Chloe Grace Moretz] – Kick-Ass

This one is tricky, as I’ve only the trailer to go on, but if that is, in fact, her entrance – an eleven year old knocking off a crowd of bad guys then declaring “Alright you c*nts, I’m ready for you” – then it promises to be totally inappropriate and will offend everyone pretty darn interesting. Children swearing heartily really doesn’t bother me – apparently I was a terrible offender by the age of two.