CD Review: Welcome to Condale


Album: Welcome to Condale

Artist: Summer Camp

Grade: A-

Fun fact: Summer Camp are English – although you certainly wouldn’t think it given the North American romanticism their debut record inspires. Root beer floats and prom queens are the order of the day with Welcome to Condale – a kind of small-town American nostalgia for the things that most people never grew up with, but have a soft spot for nonetheless.

Yet, the album has a certain eerie glamour about it. Elizabeth Sankey’s intoxicating vocals draw the listener close, and the echoing drumbeat that permeates even the shadiest corner of the record creates an atmosphere of total enchantment.

If you’re thinking this all sounds very heavy, you’ll be happy to know that the band takes every opportunity to change the tone entirely – choruses are often a sprightly affair and tracks alternate between moody and upbeat with almost comic effect.

‘Bryan Krakow’ and ‘1988’ are infectious from the off, and the album only gets better after each listen. A resounding thumbs up.

In a nutshell: Frickin’ fantastic.