CD Review: Passenger


Artist: Lisa Hannigan

Album: Passenger

Grade: B+

Homegrown siren Lisa Hannigan’s follow-up to 2008’s Sea Sew is every bit as sweet and melodic as what we have now come to expect from the songstress. Though considerably more polished and commercial in its sound than Hannigan’s debut, and bound to irk the inevitable few who grumble whenever an artist progresses, Passenger is not an album to be snubbed.

Opening track ‘Home’ is ripe with the brand of warmly inviting instrumentation Hannigan is loved for. Her pairing with Ray LaMontagne on ‘O Sleep’ is a true gem, their vocals blending beautifully and lifting the tone of the album to delightful new heights.

Though some tracks fall slightly short of the mark, petering into the overly familiar, for the most part Passenger is a solid offering showcasing Hannigan’s growth and development as a songwriter. A thoroughly decent record, as far as troublesome second albums go.

In A Nutshell: Delightful without being dazzling