CD Review: Biophilia


Album: Biophilia

Artist: Björk

Grade: A-

Even though this album is but a piece in the elaborate puzzle that is Björk’s Biophilia project, it is a huge undertaking in itself. Commencing with the breathtakingly delicate ‘Moon’ and reaching its close at the stark ‘Solstice’, each second between is as thrilling as it is unpredictable.

All the record’s best moments see her revamping her Homogenic formula of strings and trip-hop beats, blurring the acoustic with the electronic for a unique, complex dialogue.

A mini-orchestra of custom instruments is involved, with the chiming “Gameleste” of ‘Crystalline’ backed by furiously processed breakbeats, and ‘Sacrifice’ fusing the metallic tones of the “Sharpsichord” with a stuttering glitch rhythm. Alas, Biophilia’s pervading lyrical celebration of nature pales in comparison to its sonic achievements. ‘Cosmogony’’s impressionistic take on the creation myth and the environmental warning of ‘Sacrifice’ fall flat where the album mainly succeeds. It’s a blessing the other tracks have enough depth to last a lifetime.

In a Nutshell: Not flawless, but endlessly fascinating.