CD Review: 50 Words for Snow


Album: 50 Words for Snow

Artist: Kate Bush

Rating: D+

For the past three decades Kate Bush has been one of the most successful and inventive female recording artists in Britain. This festively-named album is her tenth studio effort.

While the intensive and slightly melancholic melodies are reminiscent of her 2005 album Aerial, it unfortunately abandons the upbeat tempo of its predecessor while still holding on to the grating four minute instrumental solos. However the album’s slow moving songs are lifted by the few power ballads that could certainly make it on to this year’s Christmas Karaoke list, particularly ‘Snowed in at Wheeler St’.

The six minute intros may be tedious, but once over these initial hurdles the songs possess a gentle Enya-esque quality with the occasional touch of soft rock. It’s an experimental work that, despite the occasionally bizarre spoken lyrics, tedious length and a decidedly unfestive atmosphere, could be worse for her tenth album.

In a Nutshell: Requires commitment. A bit too much commitment.