Restaurant Review: Burger bites


Feeling so bohemian, Zelda Cunningham gets down with the kids in Jo’Burger in Rathmines.

JO’BURGER IS ONE of those places that you feel you should have some sort of facial piercing just to get some food. Complete with DJ (a man clad in a wife beater, ballroom gloves and a sparkly scarf) and staff that sit down at your bench (yes bench) to take your order, Jo’Burger tries very hard to be cool.

Menus are incorporated into old-Beano comic books, wine is served in tumblers, because long-stemmed glasses are too much effort and your cutlery was served in a little metallic bucket. Charming.

The menu offers a lot of, well obviously, burgers as well as salads, and that is essentially it, however the range and style that they are served in is far from your basic ketchup-sandwich affair.

Patrons select a meat or veggie burger and then choose one of the many serving suggestions. Particularly tasty flavours are the Zondi and Mofolo. The former combines your choice of burger with an unusual and, mysteriously complimentary, green Thai curry mayo, coriander and spicy chilli, which is succulent, scrumptious and satisfying. The Mofolo, with chipotle, pineapple and balsamic relish was also delicious, with the juiciness of the pineapple providing relief from the hearty burger.

Although the vast variety of flavours may appear fussy, but the combination of unusual tastes merge and fuse wonderfully providing an exciting eating experience, which certainly lives up to the critical hype that Jo’Burger has received in recent months.

Another option, which is equally as pleasing as a burger, is a sumptuous salad of baby potatoes, green peas, avocado mint and mayonnaise, especially when paired with a strong goats cheese is filling, varied and will not leave you lamenting a meat-y counterpart.

On the side, chips are ordained to a higher-level, being both flavoursome and filling, and in truth are more like potato wedges, but who is complaining? A creative and satisfying twist is offered with sweet potato fries, which are a particularly tasty option to accompany the salad.

Jo’Burger has a simplified menu – there are no starters or desserts on offer – this doesn’t really hinder your eating experience. The food lends itsself to the trendy bravado the restaurant holds as its identity. It is more expensive then the average burger, but it is surprisingly filling. Although the trendiness might irritate the more discerning diner, it is a successful re-interpretation of a classic concept.