Preview: The Philharmonic Choir


Ever wonder what those weirdos do down in Theatre M every Wednesday? Christina Pallasi investigates…

Thinking originally that this would be a bore-fest, my mind quickly changed. After producing three years worth of concerts, UCD’s Philharmonic Choir have to be doing something, right… right? So, it was decided that it would be worth checking out before seeing their offerings in April.

The time of year has come again for UCD’s Philharmonic Choir to showcase the singing talent around the campus. Inaugurated in 2007, the choir is the latest addition to UCD’s performing groups. It is inclusive of staff and students alike, who share a common interest in performing a diverse range of choral music from all genres. According to the Choir’s director, Tom Kehoe, it “seeks to achieve the highest standards of choral technique and ensemble by exploring the choral repertoire in an intensive and enjoyable environment. Members of the choir receive training in sight-singing, notation, and vocal technique, and additionally get the opportunity to improve their general musicianship skills through weekly rehearsals.”

Well, after all that, let’s hope that they’re onto something. In November of last year the Choir played to an enthusiastic audience in St John the Baptist Church in Blackrock, and ordinarily play a variety of programmes in a variety of different sacred locations. This year, however, the Philharmonic are set to play in Ballsbridge and, to be more specific about that location, St Bartholomew’s Church (y’know… the one on Clyde Road, near that examsy place).

Conductor Tom Kehoe once again leads the choir onto the stage with well-rehearsed and selected pieces from the Czech Romantic and German Classical canons: Antonín Dvořák’s Mass in D, and the one and only W.A. Mozart’s ‘Solemn Vespers’.

“Alright, alright, enough of the selling already…” you’re thinking. I get it. We all know that classical music sounds incredibly boring, but one thing you’ve got to understand, this was considered some of the most uplifting music of its time, so if you’re looking for an altogether different experience… Oh, I’m trying to sell it again. Did I mention it’s also in aid of charity? It’s all for the UCD SUAS Society, the guys who made those delicious cookie and scones last week. Maybe they’ll be back to sell more of their baked produce. Who knows… only you can find out.

The UCD Philharmonic Choir play St Bartholomew’s Chruch, Clyde Road, Ballsbridge on Thursday 29th April at 8pm. Tickets €15.