Paddy Whackery


This one-man band is looking for some compadres. Deirdre Flannery asks: any takers?

At the ripe old age of twenty-two, Dublin singer-songwriter Paddy Hunt has already set his sights on the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame. “My favourite bands are the big bands like U2 and Bruce Springsteen. I have similar goals to them, to achieve great success.”

Quick to dismiss the idea of jumping on any musical bandwagon, Paddy emphasises that he won’t be trying to fit into the next NME-coined indie sub-genre anytime soon. It is straight-up songwriting that appeals to him, rather than transient trends.

“I don’t think record labels are looking for a trend, if your songs are good, they’re good no matter what sort of style they are. Being influenced by classic bands is a good thing because their music is still played thirty years later.”

By name, and by nature, Paddy is indeed on the hunt for a backing group. The multi-talented musician is currently a one-man band, with the aid of an eight track and a Macbook. “I am pretty motivated. I play all my own instruments, and do the production. It’s kind of hard to do everything yourself, but it’s what you’ve got to do when you don’t have a band.”

Paddy reveals that he is itching to get back on the road with his music, but his current status as a solo act renders touring impossible. However, eager as he is for musicians to jam with, he is not quite so keen to part with his artistic independence. “I’m looking for a session band, they could have some input but it’s going to be my name on the album. I like to be in control of the music.”

Although reluctant to fit into the current fads in music, Paddy is not opposed to using modern methods of promotion. “Arctic Monkeys gave out their music for free at their gigs, I think that’s a good idea. You can’t expect things to take off by someone just stumbling across your MySpace page.”

Having graduated from UCD last summer, Paddy finds himself in a position that resonates with most of us final years. “I don’t really want anything to do with sociology, I probably should be applying for college courses at the moment, but I don’t seem to be doing that!”

His apparent lack of academic motivation is more than compensated for by the degree of determination Hunt displays towards his musical career. Remember that name, kids: Paddy Hunt is on his way.

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