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A household name who thinks that alcohol and a regular sleep pattern are overrated; Kate Rothwell hears the gospel according to David Kitt.

David Kitt is by no means new to the music scene. Having released five albums in little under ten years, his name is known all over the country. This success however, has not been replicated worldwide.

“I never really did get the major label thing outside of Ireland in terms of exposure so I’m pretty unknown in a lot of places. People might know the name but they don’t really know the music.”

Kitt is still a completely independent musician who “couldn’t have less to do with the music industry really”, and is, like all other artists, feeling the recessional pinch.

“I might have to consider getting another job if this year is as bad as the last two. I’m a good juggler so I can just about get away with it each time but it’s getting tighter and tighter”

The last two years haven’t been all bad for the Kittster however, as he has spent much of this time writing, recording and producing his latest and much acclaimed album The Nightsaver. Yet another step away from his previous work, Kitt explains that one of the reasons why the making of this album was different was his newly acquired singledom.

“I was always in a relationship for my whole twenties, so this was the first time that I was single for a long time. I had a lot of stuff waiting to get out, so being away for that long was just because of the freedom of not really having to adhere to anyone else’s clock and just really enjoying being on my own.”

This new found freedom brought Kitt to discover that his songwriting ability was at its best in one particular state. Exhaustion, it seems, is the way forward.

“I was so excited about the stuff that I just really didn’t want to go to bed. But I did start to notice t that after being awake for about 24 hours you do reach this point where you question things less… all my favourite songs on the record were done like that.”

Throughout his years of songwriting Kitt has picked up many tricks of the trade, and formed his own opinions as to which stimulants add to and which detract from the process.
“Drink is the one thing that just doesn’t work. Weed works, and it’s kind of an age old studio aid, but booze doesn’t work; you can’t be drunk.”

The whole production and recording experience has too improved over time as Kitt mastered a multitude of abilities. “Before it was a bit more make and do – a bit more fucking Blue Peter!”

Kitt is regarded by many as an Irish indie icon, but his music spans far beyond that of the run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter, early Aphex Twin material being one of the influences coming through on this album.

His choice of ideal artists to tour with however, still takes Otwo a little by surprise. “MF Doom. Straight away.” David Kitt has a surprise or two waiting up his sleeve for us, and after ten years on is still one to watch.