Music | CD Review: The Streets – Everything is Borrowed


Artist: The Streets
Album: Everything Is Borrowed
Rating: B –

North-Londoner, Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, seems to have recorded Everything is Borrowed with the sole purpose of having actual musicians fill out almost every song. Beautifully plaintive violin and Spanish guitar feature in ‘On the Flip of a Coin’.

There is an easy, positive jazz-beat in ‘I Love You More (Than You Like Me)’ and funky upbeat track with sound effects reminiscent of an ambulance and old computer in ‘Heaven For The Weather’.

Yet, this experimentation doesn’t always work. ‘The Way of the Dodo’ sounds like an attempt of rap by a 13-year old boy with a perverse obsession for the word ‘dodo’.

Songs like ‘Never Give In’ don’t fair well either, consisting of just dull repetitive drum machine beats and a bored sounding vocals.

Fortunately Skinner’s lyrical talents appear in songs like ‘On The Edge of a Cliff’, dealing with suicidal ideas, running along to chilled soulful Marley-esque beat.

Only on repeated plays will you fully appreciate the gems dotted through Everything is Borrowed, having distinguished Skinners comical lyrics from his clichéd and cynicism.

In a Nutshell: Upbeat nineties vibes with a dash of the revived sixties pop. Good album to get ready to for a night out.

Stephanie Wallace Chavanne