Music | CD Review: Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul


Artist: Oasis
Album: Dig Out Your Soul
Rating: A-

Dig Out Your Soul is less accessible than previous Oasis albums, however it proves that years after Brit-rock fame, they can still craft music that both critics and fans can enjoy.

The influences are apparent with obvious choices such as the Beatles and the Who as well as the occassional referral to The Jam.

The most astounding fact is that the skills of their influences are so well harnessed by the band, producing a record showing the great ability of the Gallagher brothers.

Stand-out-tracks are ‘Falling Down’ and ‘I’m Outta Time’, performed by Noel and Liam respectively.
Noel’s vocal ability is admirable, ignoring all the shouty stereotypes that the listener could assume of Oasis.

‘I’m Outta Time’ is Liam’s homage to John Lennon, but unlike his egotistical phase, this track is an ode to the talents of Lennon that cautiously never lets Gallagher’s obsessions get in the way.

However, as a whole, the album is not outstanding.

Certain tracks are unremarkable, but these can be overlooked.

Dig out your Soul is the most mature and multi-genred album that Oasis has created. The nods to the psychedelic sounds and eccectic influences illustrate the many untapped musical talents of the Manchester men.

Dig Out Your Soul will reach to those who took Oasis’ abilities for granted. Be Here Now it certainly is not- and we can only be thankful for that.

In a Nutshell: A lot more hit than miss, a career highpoint.

Seán McGovern