Music | CD Review: Kings of Leon – Only By the Night


Artist: Kings of Leon
Album: Only By the Night
Rating: B

The commercial timing for Only By the Night is nothing if not impeccable. After a summer of incessant festival touring there are hoards of fans all over Europe who have sampled the southern charm of the Tennessee foursome.

‘Closer’, with its synthy introduction is a slow-burning success and the definitely dirtier ‘Crawl’ was made for the main stage. The leading single ‘Sex on Fire’ is a necessary influx of energy to the album, however, ‘Use Somebody’ soars a little too much into the ‘stadium rock’ genre for its own good.

This album does miss an equivalent to rockabilly favourite ‘Four Kicks’, but even without a ‘mayhem in the moshpit guaranteed’ type track, the Kings of Leon have once again proved their durability where many of their peers have failed.

The tracks are more lengthy and strive for variety;

‘Notion’ opening with an unashamedly poppy introduction before rocking out in true Kings of Leon style, to the sometimes incomprehensible trademark southern twang of Caleb Followill. ‘Be Somebody’ starts off as ominously exciting but unfortunately hits a more formulaic note by the time it reaches the chorus.

Only By the Night will please devoted Kings of Leon fans, but for anyone on the fence, the purchase of a ticket to a live gig is always going to be the better investment.

In a Nutshell: A steady, solid release, neither poor nor groundbreaking.

Kate Rothwell