Music | CD Review: Glasvegas


Artist: Glasvegas
Album: Glasvegas
Rating: D-

Glasvegas have been around since 2000, however, it was not until the later part of the decade that they became productive. Undoubtedly, they spent this time accumulating misery and gloom to spew out in their debut studio album, Glasvegas.

Despite the rave reviews, the overwhelming feeling emanating from this album one of gloom and doom. The first song ‘Flowers and Football Tops’ has a distinct morbidity to it that starts the eponymous album off to a poor beginning. However, a lively beat counter-acts the harrowing despair of the track.

The track is lifted by a creative twist where they develop the well known ‘You are my sunshine’ into a more sardonic ‘Please don’t take my sunshine away’, which is expertly executed.

‘Go Square Go’ is an enjoyable oasis, which isn’t quite as miserable as the remainder of the tracks on the album, however as usual, the band still manage to turn the song into a depression.

Despite their bonus points, the inescapable reality is that Glasvegas’ music is a dour mixture of Snow Patrol and the Blizzards. Funeral music is more full of pizzazz.

The self-explanatory ‘Daddy’s Gone’, is reminiscent of a lullaby. However, it is a far from a typical child’s song, as it is full of venom and bitterness, while also including the line about ‘a fifty-year-old reminiscing what I had’, creating a melancholy feeling which is characteristic of this less than accomplished album.

In a Nutshell: Far from an album of the year. Could leave you in a bad mood.

Fionnuala Ryan